Linux vs Windows: Differences plans under Linux and Windows

Under the hosting platform, whether it is VPS Hosting, Dedicated Server or Cloud, your website has no connection with the operating system you use on your computer equipment, smartphone, laptop or tablet as it can handle, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Sun, or any other operating system.

What do you mean by the above?

If your website uses only HTML, PHP, and MySQL databases, it is advisable to hire a hosting on Linux since these technologies run natively under Linux.

When should I choose a dedicated web server hosting under windows?

If the development of your site is using a environment, some application uses DLL or other native Windows environment, you opt for hosting under windows.

The type of hosting can be a great question for a novice user, you may think that if you have a Windows computer, you must choose a hosting under windows.

Linux vs Windows Hosting

Both for under Linux or Windows hosting ESDS offers both control panels and control panels function with any platform you have locally (Mac, Windows, tablets, smartphones) along with web via a browser.

If you use Microsoft, it develops low platform such as ASP, and manages databases under MS-SQL Server and MS Access Windows platform is right for your hosting plan contract.

Important: One of the biggest myths is, if you use Windows on your PC, you must host your site on servers Windows, this obviously is irrelevant because the standard HTML multiple programming languages are operating under different platforms. Be advised exclusively with windows when you use: ACCESS, ASP, and, MS-SQL Server.

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